Arginine AKG 750mg 180 caps

Arginine AKG 750mg 180 caps

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As with Arginine base, AAKG is said to encourage nitric oxide (NO) production which can help in maintaining normal blood flow and pressure, and mental and sexual functioning as well as increasing “pumps” from lifting and muscle growth in bodybuilders.** Some companies use it as a stand-alone product said to be in a timerelease form, others are combining it with other forms of arginine, while still others are mixing these forms of arginine with protein and other muscle-builders. A typical daily dose might be 6 grams divided 3g before breakfast, 3g before lunch, or in smaller doses spread throughout the day. AAKG is often preferred by athletes for delivering arginine because AKG is a Krebs Cycle intermediate and carries materials to all cells.** This material is in a ratio of 2 parts Arginine to 1 part AKG and is much more palatable than Arginine base.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size, 2 Capsules

Amount Per 2 Capsules, %RDA

Arginine AKG (2:1), 1,500mg, **

**RDA not established

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